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Security Services

Services to prevent, stop, and mitigate cyber attacks and data breaches

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Cyber attacks, data breaches, and ransomware, is incredibly costly for businesses. Choosing the right security services and security vendors aligned with your company’s needs, budget, and compliance is crucial. 

With the cost of in house security teams becoming costly, businesses have found more effective solutions by outsourcing certain aspects of their security to outside vendors. Security vendors exist for security assessments, pen testing, threat detection, incident detection, and more.

Choosing the wrong security vendors can be costly, so it helps to get expert advice from agnostic advisors.

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At no cost to you, we provide unbiased assessments of all the leading technology options to identify the ideal solutions and vendors, as well as guide the implementation process for smooth installations. We’ll handle everything from road mapping and systems integration, to ongoing management and adoption training – freeing up your staff to focus elsewhere.

With decades of experience assisting businesses in both optimizing and improving their communication services, our vendor-neutral advisors and engineers will take the time to thoroughly understand your business needs and objectives.

If seamlessly implementing a robust, future-proof solution is a priority for your business, leverage CTA as a trusted partner.

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