Create Additional Revenue Streams

Do you have customers who can utilize our services? Are you a VAR, MSP, IT Services Provider, software company, or operate in the B2B space? If so, then consider joining our Referral Partner Program and offering telecommunication and cloud services to your customers, and capture additional sources of revenue. 

We Do All The Work

We do all the work, all you do is make the initial introduction to the customer. We meet with the customer, determine their needs, and research and provide the best solution. This can be done co-branded with you under our name, or if desired this can be done under your brand in a white label scenario. 


Commissions are based on the monthly dollar volume spent by the customer on their telecommunications and cloud services. The larger the monthly spend, the larger the commission. And you earn this commission month after month, as long as that customer remains a customer.

Example Customers

✔ Medical Offices – All Types
✔ Auto Dealerships
✔  Hotels
✔ Banks / Credit Unions
✔ Hospitals
✔ Veterinary Groups
✔ Retail Chains
✔ Restaurant Chains
✔ Manufacturing Companies
✔ Companies With International Locations
✔ Plumbing Supply Chains
✔ Call Centers 
✔ Businesses with Multiple Locations
✔ Telemarketing Companies
✔ Management Companies
✔ Any Business > 100 Employess
✔ Cities/Towns/Municipalities
✔ High Tech Companies

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