• Nationwide Non-profit organization
  • Numerous Sites throughout the U.S.


  • Consolidate Cloud & Telecom Invoices
  • Reduce Cost
  • Free-up Internal Resources
  • Improve overall Cloud & Telecom services
  • Have access to Cloud & Telecom expertise and support


The Main office was receiving and processing 196 individual Cloud & Telecom Invoices monthly. Due to the strict accounting principles of a non-profit, each charge on every invoice had to be identified and assigned an accounting code, then entered into their accounting system. With so many invoices from approximately 14 different Cloud & Telecom Providers, the process of going through those each month was extremely arduous and time consuming, and one person was dedicated to this task spending approximately 20 hours per week.

Additionally, many of the remote sites had legacy service and inadequate expertise to improve and upgrade without a significant increase in cost.


First an inventory of all lines, circuits, numbers, services, and carriers by location was performed.

After this over $5000 in excess monthly charges were identified.

All of the Client’s locations were placed into a Consolidated Billing Platform.

A single point of contact was provided to the customer to deal with any additional issues, questions, or problems for their cloud and telecom services.


  • Reduced the clients Cloud & Telecom expense by $7,000 monthly
  • Reduced invoices per month from 196 invoices down to three.
  • Customer was given access to an online portal with all accounting codes applied to the appropriate charges, along with extensive reporting capabilities.
  • On-call technical and billing expertise was provided at Client’s disposal.
  • A cost effective road map was put in place for upgrading the remote sites as budget permits.
  • Freed up resources of personnel of 20 hours per week to focus on other task and projects.

By assuming the cloud & telecom management role – essentially acting as an extended arm of their in house staff – the billing was cleaned up and optimized,  saving over $84,000 a year in hard cost plus countless man-hours, as well as positioning them for future upgrades.


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