• Large, Global Enterprise, with Numerous Sites Globally
  • High Availability Up-time Network is a Must Have
  • Six Data Centers geographically dispersed
  • Three International Call Centers
  • Initiative to transition most IT services to the Cloud


  • Create and maintain an inventory of all Cloud & Telecom Services, Carriers, & Invoices
  • Reduce Costs
  • Assist the Accounting Department with reporting and tracking Cloud & Telecom Costs
  • Free-up Internal Resources to focus on other projects
  • Migrate all locations onto a unified platform
  • Create short & long-term roadmap technology improvements
  • Improve redundancy plans for voice & data
  • Become Educated on Industry Standards & Best Practices


  • No one has a firm grip on the total Cost of Cloud & Telecom Services
  • No one knows for sure how many Cloud & Telecom Invoices they receive every month
  • Each of the three Call Centers operate independently due to dissimilar systems
  • Using Over 30 Different Cloud & Telecom Providers
  • Many different systems due to multiple acquisitions
  • No centralized management of Cloud & Telecom Services
  • No Clear Vision of what should be done to improve services and systems


First a discovery process took place encompassing a company wide inventory of all Cloud & Telecom systems and services. In addition, countless hours of meetings and conference calls were performed with each department, to learn individual immediate needs and long term plans. Using that information a short term plan was developed to streamline, reduce costs, and improve redundancy. While the short term plan was being implemented, a long term plan and road map was developed, that would migrate all sites onto a unified solution, improving efficiency as well as positioning the company for future technology changes.


  • 95% reduction in network issues and downtime
  • Client was given full visibility into all domestic and international Cloud & Telecom services, invoices, and cost via a customized online portal.
  • Client regained 50+ man hours per week to be devoted to other IT projects.
  • Transitioned three International Call Centers to the Cloud, which generated a cost savings in excess of $1 Million per year, plus an estimated soft cost savings exceeding $2 Million per year. Additionally, the client started selling their newly available Call Center services to their Customers bringing in additional revenue.
  • Company was provided with a single point of contact for all cloud and telecom services, for all locations, for any cloud or telecom related question, problem, or issue.
  • Year one total hard cost savings in excess of $2 Million per year, plus an estimated soft cost savings exceeding an additional $2.3 Million per year.


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