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More and more hotels are moving their phones services to the cloud not only to reduce costs, but also to gain advanced features and increase guest satisfaction.

Reduce Costs

We work with all the major hotel cloud phone service providers, and negotiate with them on your behalf in order to get you the best price. By replacing outdated POTS, T1, or PRI services with a hosted voip phone system in the cloud, you can reduce your monthly expenses by 35% or more, with a positive ROI measured in months not years.

Advanced Features and Better Guest Satisfaction

With a cloud bases phone system you get faster response times, more efficient staff communication, improved call quality, and guest personalization features that all lead to an improved guest satisfaction.


Since a hosted voip phone system resides in the cloud, there is no onsite pbx equipment to break down. In fact, cloud phone service vendors have multiple copies of equipment located in multiple secure data centers in different geographic locations, giving you reliability and redundancy. In the case of emergencies or disasters incoming calls can be rerouted on the fly with a hosted phone system, providing 100% up time with your customers and assuring you’ll never miss a call.

Eliminate Onsite PBX

In addition you can get rid of closets of onsite pbx equipment, reclaiming that space for other purposes, and reduce costs further by removing those pesky equipment service contracts.

Compatible with PMS Systems

We will make sure that any cloud based phone system will work with your current hotel PMS (Property Management System). This makes switching to a cloud system much easier.

Which Vendor?

There are literally dozens of vendors to choose from. However only some have the experience and features and right technology to work well with the hospitality industry. That’s where we come in – we know all the vendors in the hospitality space and help you select the best one that matches your needs. Fill out the form below and we will help you get started.

A partial list of our suppliers: