case-studyThe following are actual case studies, and are real examples of how clients upgrade their cloud and telecom services while reducing costs an average of 28%.  This is accomplished by upgrading legacy services to cloud based services, finding billing overages in existing contracts, negotiating lower cost contracts, aggregating services and billing, and by providing a single point of contact. 

Case Study #1: Large Enterprise

In this case the company had six data centers and three call centers geographically dispersed, and was using over 30 different cloud and telecom providers. The goal was to reduce costs and complexity, as well as track inventory, migrate all locations to a unified platform. and move additional services to the cloud. In the end the company experienced a 95% reduction in network issues, and also had a single point of contact for all locations, regardless of the carrier or service. Hard cost savings of $2M per year were realized, along with an additonal $2.3M savings per yer in soft costs. Read More >>>

Case Study #2: Nationwide Non-profit Organization

This non-profit organization had numerous sites around the U.S. The goal was to consolidate their various cloud and telecom services, reduce cost, improve service, and one source for support. The non-profit received nearly 200 invoices per month. After analyzing the invoices  from the various cloud and telecom service providers, thousands in excess monthly charges were identified. In the end the client was able to reallocate resources of personnel, and reduced their cloud and telecom expense by over $7K per month. Read More >>>

Case Study #3: Assisted Living Management Company

This was an assisted living / retirement community management company that had 10 facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region using residential phone lines, and an MPLS network connected all the facilities to the main office.  The goal was to reduce the time IT staff spent working on the residential phone lines and to improve the phone service provided to the residences. The solution included moving all the residential phone lines to a SIP provider. Residents saved money on their monthly bills and the management company added a new revenue stream of $260K per year. Read More >>>